Get Better Skin Essentials Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

And done to make sure that they can match me and make sure to take it that I’ll be a good candidate for the list and it consists of lab works and some like a stress test okay.

Mm-hmm super area it does get filled up pretty quickly and so oxidizes pretty fast especially if you’re oily so has some filament through here and then some blackheads in here nothing like he had before but he um it has filled up do we prime and prep the skin or do we wash the skin before we do any.

Skin Essentials

Treatments yes we do it’s just that we want to make sure we record more of the extractions I’ve also had you were saying oh I like to see more of you probing and I’m happy were saying no don’t do probing so I’m kind of mix it up.

So that way everyone’s happy do we does a q-tip help to extract everything out it really does I know I had another viewer say ask that and they felt like not everything was emptied out but it is till you do it okay great can you breathe okay mm-hmm okay better make sure.

I had one of our viewers that wrote and again I wish that I could remember the name but I thought it was so funny so I think he wrote it’s all about the base about the base and I thought that was really cute because it is going on the rim on the base of that pore to pull everything up.

And out so that was really cute I left okay so he always gets a poor here that’s gets filled and until that sack is removed of course it’s always going to get refilled at this point the physicians are not going to do that and so we’re just going to go ahead and empty it out for them are you holding it I’m good a little bit in here so go ahead make sure I clean it up really good I don’t know why I’m talking so low I’m going to talk a little louder.

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